About BFYC

We set out to train all our members as singers and musicians, focusing on vocal and performance technique. Working in big venues with some of the world’s best conductors means that we expect professionalism from our singers… and so we teach what that means too. And the best experience comes from being exposed to the broadest range of musical genres and styles and participating in festivals and recording for film, TV & radio.

Brighton Festival Youth Choir

And we stretch our wings, touring to Prague, Belgium and Italy and working with leading orchestras and notable conductors such as Richard Hickox, Jacques Mercier and James Morgan. We often join forces with Brighton Festival Chorus – one of the UK’s leading Symphony Choruses. We work together with enthusiasm, often performing at Brighton Festival in our hometown together. We share a common desire to perform at the highest possible standard.

Our young singers come together for fun and friendship to find and explore their voices, to learn to perform, and to embrace unrivalled opportunities to work at the highest level of music making.

During their time with the choir we see them grow as musicians, vocalists, performers, choir members, and as people.