Symphony No. 2 in C minor (Resurrection)


Harold Farberman
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Described as a heart shattering work of genius Mahler’s 2nd symphony is the embodiment of its title – Resurrection as it describes our own mortality and the approach to our own dying as well as the fervent individual hope that a life lived has not been in vain.

Symphony No.9 Album cover

Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op 125


Yehudi Menuhin
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Beethoven’s magnum opus with Menuhin skilfully drawing the complex web of emotions together building to an ecstatic rendition of the ‘Ode to Joy’ .

Symphony of Psalms

Symphony of Psalms


Leonard Bernstein
London Symphony Orchestra

Brighton Festival Chorus singing as English Bach Festival Chorus. New sounds, forms and shapes define the Symphony of Psalms, a profoundly unironic expression of Stravinsky's unique approach to the psalms, one of the most deeply moving and genuinely spiritual pieces Stravinsky ever wrote.

The Creation


Antal Dorati
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The Creation was inspired by Handel‘s Messiah and Israel in Egypt which Haydn had heard while visiting England. The oratorio describes the creation of the world from a formless void to an enchanted garden, with vivid depictions of sea, sun, birds and flowers, and is one of Haydn’s best works.

The Planets


André Previn
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Holst’s starting point for the music was the astrological character of each of seven planets. Neptune, the mystic, is the last movement where a double chorus of women’s voices provide an ethereal quality to the diaphanous veil of orchestral sound.

The Seasons

The Seasons

Joseph Haydn

Antal Dorati
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The Seasons, a secular oratorio, is a rustic celebration of the four seasons of the year with peasant dances and animated musical portraits of the changing weather. With its winter storms and whistling ploughmen, hymns of praise and booze-fuelled revels, this sequel to The Creation was inspired by Haydn’s time in London and written specially to appeal to British audiences.

Under the WildWood Tree

Verdi Requiem