A request to circulate details to BFC about a concert featuring Poppy Damazer. Her sister, Lily, is currently a member of BFYC.  Poppy is at the Royal Welsh College Opera School and she is doing the concert to raise money for youth work in the local school and village.  Poppy used to be a member of  BFC for about two years before going to university and then kept her singing going whilst studying biomedicine. (Some of the BFC members will remember Poppy as they also taught her through East Sussex Music Service) Poppy has since focused wholly on developing as an opera singer (more info on the eventbrite website accessed by the QR code on the flyer).  Lily’s other sister, Daisy-Rose, was in BFC for about a year as well and is now a pianist and composer. She will be performing on the piano as well as accompanying Poppy.
A flyer with details of the concert is attached.  I think this would be of interest to those BFC members who remember Poppy so if this can be included in your notices/put on the noticeboard that would be great. Many thanks.