The City of London Sinfonia and Brighton Festival Chorus join forces under the baton of James Morgan to present Bach’s Mass in B Minor alongside an evolving piece of live visual art.

Exactly 300 years ago, in 1724, Bach began writing what would eventually become his Mass in B Minor, and the work is now considered one of the supreme achievements of Western classical music. Composed over the course of 25 years and likely never performed before his death, it displays all the ingredients that contribute to Bach’s position at the forefront of the development of the classical music canon, demonstrating the breadth of the compositional skills amassed during his lifetime.

Experience choral singing at incredible pace and agility. Wallow in sensitive, responsive and, at times, majestic orchestral playing coupled with virtuosic obligatos. Immerse yourself in beautiful arias, all of which bring an immediacy of expression to the words of the mass.


Join us for this performance of Bach’s most spectacular work that will be chronicled with an enduring piece of live artwork that will unfold during the performance.

“All-conquering monumentality, perfection of its myriad calculations, and sheer humanity that informs every note”. Paul Riley, Classical Music BBC




This is the final performance and the pinnacle of Sussex Sings Bach a multipart community experience including shared rehearsals, co-creational workshop, accessible performance which embraces the wider Sussex community and celebrates the physical, mental & spiritual benefits of large scale choral music.


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