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We are looking for competent singers, with a love of choral music and a desire to learn and perform a wide breadth of music with commitment and passion.

We are one of the UK’s leading symphony choruses and we perform regularly with the UK’s best orchestras, conductors and soloists in Brighton, London and beyond. We love singing ‘off book’. We love doing semi-staged work and performing in unusual venues. We get a thrill from widening participation in choral music of all sorts.

You will be joining a friendly, vibrant, experienced chorus of 150 singers who set ourselves apart by the commitment and energy that we bring to our performances. Our detailed rehearsals will make sure that you reach the high standard required for our performances and those around you will be ready to help out.


You are welcome to come and join a Guest Rehearsal on the first Monday of the month. Let us know you’d like to come and we’ll send further details including what you will need to do to comply with our social distancing protocols. We’ll put some music aside for you!

Due to COVID restrictions we are not currently auditioning following our Guest Rehearsals. Alternative arrangements will be announced shortly.


All new members have to pass an audition but don’t let that put you off! It’s very short. You don’t have to have sung in a 4-part choir before. We don’t even insist that you have to read music with great proficiency, you simply need to be able to follow a line, listen to those around you, sing in tune, and most importantly be engaged and share our love of what we do!


  1. Bring along a piece to sing. It can be something as simple as a Christmas carol.

  2. Do some aural tests (singing the middle note of a chord, sing back a short passage when played on the piano etc.).

  3. Do a very brief bit of sight-reading.

  4. … and you’re done! The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes. .

Watch our Sing video and see an open rehearsal!


Joining Brighton Festival Chorus has been a great experience and rediscovery for my enjoyment of singing. Performing with some top orchestras in great venues has been a privilege. James our conductor and Sue our accompanist continually inspire me with their formidable high standards and talent. Tuesday evening rehearsals are a pleasure!

Timothy Evans, Tenor, Joined in October 2019

Singing at the BFC audition is a daunting prospect – there was many a knee slightly shaking in the queue to come in – but actually I think the key is to be prepared and enjoy yourself. The reward is to sing wonderful music with the BFC’s fabulous singers in amazing places – the concerts are like Red Letter days. Rehearsals can be intense, but now they’re currently not happening, we are all missing them a lot – singing with BFC is greater than the sum of its parts. If you’re thinking about it, do it.

Alison Schulte, Alto 2, joined in October 2019